Double helical feature staircase for a Penthouse Apartment

  • Interior staircase
As the name implies, a staircase crafted in a helical shape. These differ from spiral staircases as they don’t have a newel and tend to have feature handrails on both sides. Without a fixed point of support, this allows for better materials to be used in construction creating an incredible feature staircase. Two helical stairs make use of the same vertical space creating a substantial feature in a room, lobby or area.

Double helical feature staircase

Double helix staircaseWe are very proud to be involved in the manufacture of this double helical feature staircase for the Corniche Project London for St James. Penthouse apartment. The structure has mild steel helical rolled stringers with LED linear lighting. The structural curved glass used on the helical staircase mirrors the apartment windows for a seamless integration into the interior design. The construction on the staircase showcases helical rolled stainless steel handrails and timber treads. During manufacture, we’ve used a mild steel coated in-house, stainless steel satin polished to blend with the surroundings and timber french polished.
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