A Focus on Stainless Steel Staircase Benefits

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D Wilson has years of experience in designing and manufacturing architectural metalwork with high-quality finishes for premium projects. Our experience enables our experts to utilise the best materials available to suit your steel staircase design requirements.Stainless steel, in particular, has many benefits and advantages when designing and building a bespoke staircase, whether it’s a straight staircase, helical staircase, spiral staircase or steel balustrade and feature balustrades. It’s a durable material that helps us to provide the highest quality finishes for our clients. Our expert finishing teams are able to achieve impressive results by varying the finishing techniques applied to our staircases. There are a wide range of decorative finishes available so the selection of the most appropriate finish for the application required is essential.  For highly visible applications such as feature staircases or balustrades, the appearance of stainless steel is a critical design element and a misunderstanding of the wrong finish can alter the desired effect.

Stainless Steel staircase benefits

In the briefest way possible this is how the raw materials for our steel staircase and steel balustrade are turned into the works of art you see on our portfolio.We use varying grades of stainless steel including external marine grade 316 and internal works 304. 316-grade stainless steel has a high performance even in the toughest conditions and has high resistance to corrosion when exposed to the elements, allowing a long life beautiful finish. 304 grade is incredibly versatile and is able to be used widely on projects.We come into our own in terms of cutting and finishing and produce a variety of buffed effect, matt effect, mirrored and bright polished finishes to enhance the aesthetics of our clients’ products.  The term “polished” defines a range of finishes which generally are of two types, either: satin or grained or brightened and mirror polished. Polishing improves appearance and consistency, make cleaning easier. Stainless steel staircase and steel balustrade can reap the benefits from this corrosion resistant and stain resistant material. This makes it ideal for many commercial properties as polished stainless steel adds a professional finish and if done correctly the polishing enhances the antibacterial properties of steel. stainless steel staircase   Stainless with a lower alloy resists corrosion when exposed to the elements and with a higher alloy is resistant to most acids, alkaline solutions and chloride even with extreme temperatures and pressures. Stainless steel is able to be cut, welded, formed, machined and fabricated easily. As it can be easily and simply maintained there can be a consistently high quality and pleasing appearance too.

Commercial Benefits

Being durable means it lasts a long time and the lifespan makes it an attractive choice for commercial properties with the ability to protect against wear, scratch and corrosion. Not only this but it is also an environmentally friendly material as it is 100% recyclable and any new stainless steel normally contains around 50-80% recycled material. We have used stainless steel as the material of choice for a number of executive bespoke staircases, whether for balustrades including a steel balustrade, a spiral staircase or helical staircases in the likes of Canary Wharf, The Strand and Liverpool One Shopping Mall. Get in touch with our team who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements for your project. 
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