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  • Metal Finishing Services
At D Wilson we carry out all architectural metalwork for our designs of a bespoke staircase or stainless steel balustrade for example, in-house with state of the art equipment. Our in-house technicians are highly skilled in turning concepts into reality with our bespoke staircase designs. Before we come and install these on your site, we provide in-house finishes to the architectural metalwork with fully-fledged systems so all steelwork is fully prepped and ready for you before it leaves our premises.

Metal Finishing Services available

Our metal finishing services are important to treat the exterior of your metalwork with a thin layer to the surface to protect it and keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible. There are various types of finishes that can be used for any number of purposes. There are some general advantages to applying metalwork finishing treatments such as making feature metalwork on staircases, balustrades and balconies more durable and an improved decorative appeal. There is a higher electrical, chemical and tarnish resistance. To compliment your architectural metalwork, there is a range of finishes that can be applied in-house. We provide applied spray paint finishes in primed, zinc sprayed, top coats and satin, bright or mirror metal finishing services for stainless steel polishing all in-house for stainless steel feature metalwork with various primers and top coat solutions available.

In-house bespoke service

A bespoke finish on bespoke staircases can also enhance the aesthetic even further.  D Wilson specialises in satin and mirror metal finishing services. There are certain environments where both look better, which our specialists can help advise on if you’re unsure. For example, a mirror finish glistens and sits perfectly in marine or harsh environments as they provide a finer surface for ships and yachts as fewer things can stick to them and helps prevent corrosion. A satin finish, however, looks better in most other environments and homes as it can provide a more professional aesthetic and finish.Our specialists are more than happy to help create your bespoke designs. Using modern facilities means we can provide the best finish for your project that will work best with the architectural metalwork in question and ultimately protects again wear, scratch and corrosion.

Wetpaint shops

At D Wilson we also have a Wetpaint shop available for another bespoke finish available. It’s important to also protect the architectural metalwork when applying finishes. We have a variety of paints we can use such as acrylic, epoxy or synthetic and available primers also in acrylic and epoxy but also zinc phosphate. These spray painting finishes are also water resistant to protect your mild steel as well as looking as professional as possible. Our experience means we can apply Wetpaint spray finishes to the highest quality possible.Get in touch with our team today and we will be more than happy to provide you with a quote to create a bespoke finish with our metal finishing services for you.
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